Abiding in Christ December 04 of Abiding in Christ

He chooses those who diligently seek Him

Earnestly seek after the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, spirit and strength.

Be only satisfied when you have found Him, for He chooses those who diligently seek Him.

And when you have found Him, walk with Him and never leave His Side, but remain steadfast in His Presence, for in Him is Light and that Light is the Life of men.

By nature all men are religious and seek to worship something or someone they can both see and touch.

Why not find God, who is real, enter into His Presence, put your head on His Shoulder, look upon His Face and worship Him with your heart overflowing with love and adoration?

The Spirit says come!

The Bride says come!

Let all who hear and understand, come and enter into the Presence of the Most High God and worship Him with all your hearts. Amen.
©12/04/2001 Jim Welch

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