Abiding in Christ December 30 of Abiding in Christ

God is a close personal friend

God is above all things, a Person.

He is not a complaint department where you can voice your personal dissatisfaction about everything life has dealt you.

God is a close personal friend whose company you should learn to enjoy.

He is not a servant who is there to do your every bidding, not to obey your every command.

God is like unto a loving mother who when you come home receives you with arms of love, and not a place simply to drop off your dirty laundry or a free place to eat.

God's Presence is a place of personal fellowship where you can find love, joy and peace, a home coming, a place and a time to share thoughts of life's triumphs and fond memories.

God's Presence is not a fix-it shop or a dumping ground to drop off everything that is wrong and broken.
©12/30/2001 Jim Welch

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