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Earnestly seek after God

Let us earnestly seek after God all the days of our life beginning with today.

Let us listen at the door posts of our heart for His still small voice from whence cometh love and peace.
For all who diligently seek for God with all their hearts will find Him.

We will find Him where we least expected Him, in a place of quietness when we are alone with Him and in secret, then He shall reveal Himself to us.
God is only found by those to whom God chooses to reveal Himself and no other.

Let us always remember to listen to His still small voice when He speaks to us and don't waste those few precious short moments by trying to jam in a stack of personal requests and prayers.

What God says to us directly stands light years above what we have to say to Him in importance.
Brethren, let us pay heed to His Voice when He speaks to us.

©01/02/2001 Jim Welch

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