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God can do and undo all things

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All things are possible

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All things are possible for God and nothing is impossible.
He can do all things and He can undo all things.

He can heal the sick by changing the sickness into health or He can undo the sickness altogether.
If a wound is healed it leaves a scar, but if God undid the wound no scar would exist.

As men we can only do things, but we can not undo any harm we have done.
But God not only can do all things, He can undo all things.

God can undo the hurt we have inflicted on each other so that no scars remain.
Men can only repair the damage caused by some calamity, but God can undo the damage.

God can undo everything Satan does or will do.
This is why Satan cannot win.

With God all things can be done or be undone.
Great and Mighty is God.