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Arise and shine

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Scriptural references for:

Arise and shine

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Arise and shine!

Brethren, the light within you is not dependent upon the outer circumstances of your life to be bright, but is a result of how close you walk with God.

Joy, real joy, which can reside deep down in the precincts of your heart is not dependent upon victory to exist.
The joy of the Lord is the power of God that will bring victory to your life.

Love is not dependent upon the absence of bitterness and hatred in your outer life to exist.
It is the love of God that overcomes and defeats the dark cloud of hatred and bitterness both within and without.

Therefore faith, the willingness to change our lives to be in accord with God's ways, is the victory that overcomes the world.

Brethren, we can be like a light that shines into the darkness, the darker the darkness the brighter the light seems.