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Set my feet upon the pathway of holiness

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Scriptural references for:

Set your affections on things above

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Set my feet upon the pathway of holiness, wisdom and righteousness, Oh Lord, that I may live a life well pleasing in Your Sight.
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All things done to please men is like a vapor that quickly passes away and is remembered no more, but what pleases God never passes away.
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The deeds of the wicked are punishable even by the law of men, how much more by the Law of God.
The judgment by men's law is for a brief season, the judgment by the law of God is eternal and final.

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Brethren, if you must live your life being motivated by fear then fear Him who can destroy your body and soul more than them who can only take away your physical possessions.
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Set your affections on things above where Jesus sits on the Right Hand of God.
When you are right with God you are right with the whole universe.

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