Abiding in Christ September 08 of Abiding in Christ

Thoughts are filled with God

A self centered man's thoughts are filled with himself, he never notices nor cares about the needs of others.

He spends his days on earth worrying about his own life and is never thankful or content with anything and never truly learns to love anyone else but himself.

Eventually he will grow to hate even himself and sink into the depths of depression and discouragement filled with feelings of hopelessness.

A godly man's thoughts are filled with God and the things of God, he learns to notice and care about the needs of others and his heart is filled with warm hearted love for them.

He spends his days thinking about the life he will have when the Kingdom of Heaven comes to pass and of a multitude of people whose faces he has grown to love.
©09/08/2001 Jim Welch

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