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An unjust person inflicts pain

An unjust person is unjust in all his dealings with other people and injustice is his legacy.
An unjust person inflicts pain upon the innocent, he destroys the cause of the righteous, he robs the widow and the orphan for selfish gain, and yet his conscience never troubles him.

Yea, he is already dead in a multitude of his trespasses and there is no hope for his soul in the hereafter, yet God makes it to rain upon him as well as the just.
Brethren, doesn't this prove that God is merciful and mighty?

I will sing of His Mercy all the days of my life and constantly give thanks that our God is a just, merciful and forgiving God.
There is none other like unto our God and He is different from all others.

Praise the Lord.
©04/25/2001 Jim Welch

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