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Decide this day to walk with God

Decide this day
    to walk with God, to love God, to serve God,
    to praise God, to exalt God, to defend God,
    to testify of God, to represent God, to support the work of God,
    to learn of God, to prepare your soul for God, to pray alone with God,
    to worship God, to honor God and to make God your God.

Offer yourself as a living sacrifice to God on behalf of God; and be willing to lose all things for God.

Repent of all your sins this day and turn to God,
    to be purified by God,
    to be made holy by God,
    to be renewed by God,
    to be healed by God,
    to be restored by God
    and to be transformed by God.

Brethren, decide today
    to go all out for God,
    to be zealous for God,
    to rejoice in God,
    to make God your King, your friend and your God.
©04/28/2001 Jim Welch

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