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Seek to serve, not to rule

Walk with the spirit of meekness and never seek to dominate any other person.
Seek to serve, not to rule.

Uplift and praise others and seek not to be uplifted and praised by others.
Humility and meekness is a prerequisite for being Godly.
There is no exception.

When we seek to praise and honor ourselves we set ourselves up for Satan's trap of the feeling of defeat and discouragement.
Once we fall into the pit of discouragement caused by the sin of pride we will stop serving the Lord and will become ungrateful and unthankful.
This is what is meant by the saying, "pride goes before a fall."

If you seek no glory for yourself you cannot become discouraged.
To be great in the Kingdom of God requires meekness.
©04/18/2001 Jim Welch

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