Abiding in Christ April 08 of Abiding in Christ

My spirit is renewed by Your Spirit

Into Thy Presence I will come.
Each day I will arise early and get alone with Thee, Oh Precious Heavenly Father.

In Your Presence is where I will find for my spirit and soul a perfect renewal.
Then I can go through the rest of the day refreshed.
I will begin each day with Thee, Oh God.

My spirit is renewed by Your Spirit and my love is restored by Your Love along with all the other fruits of Your Spirit, Oh Father.

My soul is purged and made clean by Jesus Christ when I come into Your Presence, Father, because He sits on Your Right Hand.

Oh, Jesus, as I approach Your Throne, Oh God, purge my soul of hate, strife, sadness and all evil leaving my life empty to be filled to overflowing with all Your Spiritual fruits, Oh God of Glory.

©04/08/2001 Jim Welch

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