Abiding in Christ April 17 of Abiding in Christ

Let God renew a right spirit within thee

And the Glory of the Lord did shine down upon me and I did bask in its light and I was satisfied, for contentment and peace did enter my soul.

Come, let us gather around the Throne of our God and soak up the bright sunshine of His Love restoring us to a full state of fellowship with God and each other.

There is nothing else that can renew our spirits and our souls better than gathering together in the spirit before God's Holy and Divine Presence.

He will pour out His Spirit upon us causing our lives to abound in all manner of Spiritual Fruits, that we would no longer be lacking in any good thing but overflowing with goodness and mercy.

Brethren, let God renew a right spirit within thee and let His Light shine outwardly through the windows of your soul.

©04/17/2001 Jim Welch

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