Abiding in Christ April 20 of Abiding in Christ

No task worth doing is easy

Grant me, Oh Lord, the spirit of patience of enable me to endure the many sufferings and hardships that I am faced with in every day life.
No task worth doing is easy nor any pathway of righteousness free of difficulty.

Only by virtue of the spirit of patience can we continue to persevere in our struggle to win the crown of the mark of the high calling of God, holiness and righteousness.
We must all run this race for Heavenly glory and valor with patience.
To keep pressing on against hopeless odds while suffering many defeats requires a very large measure of the virtue of patience.

It is easy to believe when things are going easy, but it takes great patience to believe in the face of adversity.
Grant me patience, Oh Lord.


©04/20/2001 Jim Welch

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