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Begin each day anew with God

Light up my life with Your Love, Oh Lord, and let all the dark shadows of bitterness and hate flee away.

Let me begin this day afresh, Oh Lord, forgetting and, forgiving and casting aside all things that are past and let the bright sunshine of Your Holy Spirit of Truth shine in through the windows and doors of my heart.

Being illuminated by the Light of Your Truth and by the Power of Your Love, Oh Lord, I am fully prepared to face any and all difficulties and troubles that this day may bring.

Having begun the day with You, Oh Lord, I will no doubt finish the day rejoicing with spiritual victory and thanksgiving because You are able by Your Grace to make the crooked pathways straight.

Brethren, let us begin each day anew with God and end each day with thanksgiving.


©08/07/2001 Jim Welch

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