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Let the Lord reign in your life

Let the Lord reign in your life and give unto Him the first fruits of all your labors.

Put the Lord, your God, first in all your endeavors and begin each with the Lord, in prayer.

Neglect not the talent that God has given to you and do not ignore His calling for your life.

Every man has been called by God to serve Him and every man will give an account before God of his failure to do so.

If you do not know what God's calling for your life is, don't you think it is about time for you to find out?

Brethren, all you have to do to find out the will of God for your life is to get alone with Him in secret and ask.

Ask and He shall answer you.

Seek and you shall find the answer.

Knock and the doors of opportunity to serve the Lord will be opened to you.

Begin today, serving the Lord your God..

©08/03/2001 Jim Welch

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