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Listen to His still small voice

Enter into God's Presence alone and in secret and pray.

When you pray assume He already knows what you are going to say before it is said.

Seek to hear Him instead than of trying to get Him to hear you.

Many they are who pray long prayers making requests of God; few, very few are they who listen to God.

Let God do the giving rather than you doing the taking.

Many they are who spend long prayers telling God what they want God to do.

Brethren, ask God what He wants you to do.

Jesus said, " Come and see."

Jesus didn't say, " Come and talk."

Brethren, let God talk to you and reveal to you visions and revelations of Heaven's Glory.

Listen to His still small voice and let Him lead you into Glory.

©08/23/2001 Jim Welch

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