Abiding in Christ August 16 of Abiding in Christ

Be like a bird who sings each morning

Let the Lord be praised.

Sing of His Mercy and give thanks.

Arise early in the morning and get alone with the Precious Heavenly Father in secret and pray.

Let the spiritual sunshine of His love, joy and peace shine in through the window and doors of your heart and a new day of spiritual growth will dawn upon you.

The best way to begin each day is with God.

Arise and shine!

Let us go forth into a new day being renewed in the spirit by His Holy Spirit being filled with the power of His love and might.

Be like a bird who sings each morning at dawn's early light.

Let us then begin each day with God's bright sunrise of hope singing in our hearts.

Brethren, today we are one day closer to the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven.
©08/16/2001 Jim Welch

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