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All things shall be made new

Labor not for the things that perish, but labor for the things that endure forever.

All things ever made, that are being made or that ever will be made by man will perish.

Even the present heaven and earth which was made by God will pass way and be no more.

A new heaven and a new earth He shall make.

All things shall be made new, for all the former things shall be no more.

Charity (the supernatural virtue comprising love of God above all things and love of neighbor for God) never fails, but will endure forever.

Brethren, every time we get alone with our God in secret in the perfect bond of love God records it in His book of remembrance.

Malachi said, "They that loved the Lord, who spake often with one another about the Lord, a book of remembrance was written before God for them."

©12/31/2001 Jim Welch

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