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His Kingdom is at hand!

Rejoice! Again I say rejoice.

Break forth into singing all ye lands for Satan is soon to be cast down into the pit and his legions defeated.

He will no more torment the souls of men and the suffering he brought upon all mankind will be no more.

Then Jesus, the Prince of Peace, shall reign unopposed by the forces of evil forever.

Peace, real peace shall be in all the lands and truth shall prevail without opposition from the dark forces of falsehood and lies because the whole earth will be purged of their very existence.

That day, the great day when Jesus Christ will reign supreme is at hand, the day that all nature cries out for and good men await.

Come! Let us who love the Lord our God rejoice in the knowledge that Jesus Christ will overpower and subdue the forces of evil completely, forever.

The Kingdom of God is coming!

His Kingdom is at hand! Amen!

©12/23/2001 Jim Welch

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