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The three greatest of the spiritual qualities

Let love be the guiding light for your spirit, hope the light for your soul and faith the light for your earthly existence.

I pray that you would abound in love, hope and faith.

By these three qualities of godliness abounding in us and through us, we can become more than conquerors by becoming the liberators of the souls of many including our own.

If we are lacking in any one of the three greatest of the spiritual qualities, whether it be love, hope or faith, it will lead to our utter defeat.

Without love; bitterness, hatred and resentment would lay waste to our inner spirits.

Without hope; discouragement, depression and the lack of zeal would beset our souls.

Without faith; sin, perpetual defeat and doubt would overcome our outer lives.

Be victorious.

©12/03/2001 Jim Welch

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