Abiding in Christ December 17 of Abiding in Christ

God answers the prayer of the humble

Whenever you are faced with an insurmountable problem always remember all things are possible with God.

Nothing is impossible for God.

Take everything to God in prayer, alone and in secret pray to the Father and do not pray to be seen of men.

God answers the prayer of the humble and the meek and does not hear the proud and the mighty man's prayer, let alone answer it.

This is why the proud and mighty are convinced that God does not exist, because God does not answer their prayers.

God answers prayer to be merciful to the needy and they who suffer, not to prove Himself to the unbeliever not to heap honor upon so called men of faith who go around in public claiming to heal the sick.

God is a loving and caring God who will always answer the prayers of humble men who have genuine faith.

God answers prayer.
©12/17/2001 Jim Welch

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