Abiding in Christ December 20 of Abiding in Christ

Jesus is the Prince of Peace

Brethren, Jesus came into this world to set us free from the pollutions of the world, to set our souls free from sin, to set our captive lives at liberty from the evil clutches of Satan and those whose lives he controls.

If you have been set free, why then become entangled again in the world's corrupting influence?

You have been set free to enable you to walk with God in the perfect bond of love, joy and peace.

Why not this day begin your eternal walk with the Precious Heavenly Father and find perpetual peace and rest for your souls?

They who are under Satan's influence will seek to control and dominate your life; but they who are of God, who walk with God, will seek to liberate your life.

In Jesus Christ there is a safe haven of rest for our souls, a place where perfect peace can be found.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
©12/20/2001 Jim Welch

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