Abiding in Christ December 24 of Abiding in Christ

Jesus is coming again

When the Messiah came into the world the first time none of the religious leaders of Israel were expecting His coming.

Only three men from distant lands were expecting His imminent arrival.

They came to Bethlehem by traveling on long journeys that may have taken weeks or even months to travel to see the Christ Child.

Yet none of the so called enlightened religious leaders of Israel came to see the Messiah at His birth.

Does this not tell you that the religious leaders that men put their trust in to reveal God's heavenly truths to them are spiritually blind?

Brethren, when the Messiah, Jesus Christ, comes the second time with all majesty and power, again the religious leaders will be taken totally by surprise.

However, this time they will not be able to ignore His coming as they did the first time.

Jesus is coming again.
©12/24/2001 Jim Welch

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