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Bend your will to the Lord's will

Bend your will to the Lord's will and let God rule in your life.

Make God your God, your Master, the Boss of your life.

In your prayers quit trying to get God to do what you want Him to do, but instead seek to do what God wants you to do.

A man of faith is not a person who can get God to do what he wants God to do, but instead, a faithful man does that what God wants him to do.

Let us than seek to serve the Lord instead of seeking to rule the Lord.

Instead of trying to use God let God use you.

Most people see God as their helper instead of being an assistant to God.

Let us then be an assistants to God instead of trying to demote God to being our assistant.

Let us than walk the roads He has built and follow the pathways He has laid out instead of building our own.

©02/01/2001 Jim Welch

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