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Sing of His marvelous deeds

Enter into God's Presence with thankful hearts and lift up His Name with praise.

Sing of His marvelous deeds and exalt Him, the King of Everlasting Glory.

Oh, come all ye saints and rejoice, for He is ever victorious.

He is worthy of all praise and honor, for He is the Champion of Justice, our great Defender and Protector.

In Him alone can we safely trust and in none other, for He is Faithful and True.

Yield yourselves as willing instruments into His Hands for He is able to cause rivers of crystal clear waters of life and truth to flow through you bringing the revival of life to all the lands.

How magnificent, how miraculous it is, that He can cause Holiness to flow from vessals of corruption and purity from the impure earth.

With God all things are possible.

©02/11/2001 Jim Welch

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