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Tis a time for rejoicing

Tis a time for rejoicing and not for sadness, for Jesus Christ has won the victory over sin and death.

Oh sin, where is your chains?

Oh death, where is your sting?

For Jesus Christ has broken the chains of sin by His death and by His resurrection Hew has removed the sting of death.

All our sins have been pardoned and we have been given access to life and that eternal and everlasting.


Jesus Christ has set our feet on the pathway, straight and true, that leads to the Glorious City of God.


Hallelujah, we shall sing as we go marching in procession as we near those celestial gates.


Let us gather at the river of the water of regeneration and drink.

There we shall find renewal for our souls and our spirits.

Our souls by the waters of wisdom and our spirits by the water of the Father's love.

©02/26/2001 Jim Welch

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