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Who is like unto God?

Who is like unto God?

His mercy knows no bounds and His love stretches from horizon to horizon.

His loving kindness is ever extended toward us and His Arms of compassion are ever extended to the poor and the weak.

He has no regard for the rich and powerful and the devices of the wicked He sweeps aside with as much ease as a broom sweeps away cobwebs.

There is none that are able to oppose Him and all resistance is brushed aside with a mere sweep of His Right Hand.

The works of the wicked are like sand castles on a beach, that stand for but a moment, but are swept away by the incoming tide, thoroughly wiping away all traces that they even existed.

Who is like unto God?

He is so Precious and a delight in the eyes of all who love and revere Him.

God is so Wonderful and Glorious that words cannot adequately describe Him.

©02/22/2001 Jim Welch

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