Abiding in Christ February 12 of Abiding in Christ

In all things God is first

Precious in the sight of God are those whose minds are stayed on Him.

They have made God their first love and in all things God is first.

These be the first fruits of God's harvest and to these God bestows unlimited wisdom and power.

They waver not in their allegiance to God because their love for God is greater then their love for anything else or anyone else.

In all things God is first in their lives.

They die to themselves daily and their aspiration is to do the will of God in all that they do.

Because they desire to please God they diligently purge their lives of corruption and sin, so that they may ever grow closer and closer to Him.

For their delight is in God and God delights in them.
©02/12/2001 Jim Welch

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