Abiding in Christ February 16 of Abiding in Christ

Yield yourselves to the Master

Yield yourselves to the Master and into His Hands place your care.

Seek to do His will in all that you do and serve Him with all your strength.

Walk with Him through thick and storm and never leave His Side.

Let His ways be your ways and His Kingdom your destiny.

Let His Love flow through you unto a world that dwells in spiritual bitterness and hate.

Be His lamp of truth to light up the lives of those poor wretched souls who live who live in the world of spiritual darkness and ignorance.

Be always ready to offer a comforting hand to those who are suffering with pain and grief.

Offer words of encouragement to the downtrodden and discouraged.

Be a light house that brightly shines preventing many from becoming shipwrecked in life.
©02/16/2001 Jim Welch

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