Abiding in Christ February 28 of Abiding in Christ

Send your angels of mercy

Send your angels of mercy to uplift my life with their living and merciful ministries, oh Lord.

Change my life from corruption to purity of heart and from a life of defeat to a life full of spiritual victories by Your Grace, oh Lord.

Send your Spirit of Truth to teach me all things and to bring to my remembrance all things you have spoken that I may increase in wisdom and understanding, Oh Lord.

Allow me to stand before your Holy Throne in Heaven, refined seven times by the trial of the fire of purification, so I may offer up prayers on behalf of Your children who are in need everywhere that I may be a benefit to them in some small way, Oh Lord.

Transform me from being a man of corruption to a fire brand of purifying flame in Your service, Oh Lord.
©02/28/2001 Jim Welch

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