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Do not attempt to control God

Brethren, if we lack wisdom or are confused or need help in making an important decision in our life, ask of God who pours out His Spirit of truth upon all men who ask of Him.

Ask of God in faith, nothing wavering.
If we ask for wisdom and understanding in faith willing to abide by whatsoever He says unto us He will liberally give unto us all that we ask and withhold nothing.

If we ask, but in our heart we have decided to only do what He says if it fits in with what we want and our own personal selfish desires, we will not receive a single word from Him.

Always remember, God can see instantly what is in our heart and God cannot be deceived.
Do not attempt to control God.

Let Thy will be done in my life, Oh Lord.

©01/14/2001 Jim Welch

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