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Jesus will never rob us of our wages

Unlike earth's system of injustice, in the Kingdom of Heaven justice always prevails.

On earth the working poor rarely enjoy or benefit from the fruits of their own labor, but all things we do for the Kingdom of God we will receive at the end of time a just reward.

Brethren, our earthly labors only profits the rich man and what little he pays us is taken in taxes by the earth's corrupt governments.

Everything we do for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ reaps a great bounty in the hereafter.
Yet so very few people take the time to participate in the work of our precious Savior when the treasures for doing so is so great.

Let us then, dear brothers and sisters, work for Jesus all the days of our lives.
Jesus will never rob us of our wages.

©01/22/2001 Jim Welch

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