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Let us return to the Lord

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Scriptural references for:

Let us return to the Lord

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Brethren, let us return to the Lord and He will return to us, for we have departed from the obedience of His commandments and we have failed to love Him with all our hearts.

If you will return unto the Lord and obey His commandments, He will open unto you the flood-gates of heaven, and pour you out a blessing even to abundance.

Unto them who faithfully walk with God with hearts filled with love for Him, who diligently obey His Commandments, they shall see heaven open and their eyes will behold the Glory of the Lord.

God, Himself, shall be their constant Companion and He will deliver them from all harm.

Like a good shepherd watches over his sheep, even so the Lord our God does watch over us night and day.
In His Presence we need fear no evil.