Abiding in Christ January 23 of Abiding in Christ

Continuously seek after God

Let us continuously seek after God with a whole heart purging ourself from all ungodliness and falsehood.

Brethren, let God be our stay instead of our religious creeds.
Let us not attempt to substitute religious observances for walking with God.
If we are going to walk with God, than walk with God.

Brethren, God is Spirit.
All who walk with Him must walk with Him in spirit and in truth.

The greatest things of God cannot physically be seen (such as love, joy, peace, faith and hope) yet without these our outer life would be a living hell filled with hate, depression, strife, doubt and despair.

Let us always remember that all the good things of God can only be found by walking with God, for they are born of God and not by the will of man. Amen.

©01/23/2001 Jim Welch

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