Abiding in Christ January 30 of Abiding in Christ

Submit yourself unto the Father

Everything we do is monitored by a recording angel of God, who enters all things as it were into a scroll, both the good and the bad.

Take care than that you live a holy and circumspect life that at the end of time a good account may be given for your life by your overseeing angel.

I pray thee that your life would be a life dedicated to doing the will of our Father who is in Heaven which is the epitome of goodness.

Following after our own will is inferior to obeying the will of God, therefore falls short of the glory of God and is counted as sin.

Submit yourself unto the Father therefore and the forces of evil will flee away.

All goodness flows into our lives from God the Father, because goodness is a fruit of the Spirit.

©01/30/2001 Jim Welch

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