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Abound with love

Let all things be done with love and not out of ambition and lust.

Brethren, learn to love the people around you, the birds of the air, the flowers of the field, all creatures small and great, your Christian brethren, your enemies, your jobs, everything and everyone, learn to love, especially the children.

If you do everything out of ambition without love your life will soon become empty, without meaning, a burden, knowing no joy or delight in anything, like being on a continuous treadmill, a living hell.

Love brings an abundant meaning to your life.

No matter what you do or achieve if it is not motivated by love the result will be a sense of emptiness without any joy or delight.

Brethren, only when we abound with love for God and all beings that God had created have we truly obeyed all the law and the prophets.

Abound with love.

©07/30/2001 Jim Welch

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