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Behold the Lamb of God!

Behold the Lamb of God!

Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.

Jesus Christ was offered up as a sacrifice, holy and pure, without spot or blemish, innocent and blameless, as an atonement for all our sins that through Him we are fully reconciled to God, our Father.

No man can come to God, the Father, but through Jesus Christ.

He, alone, has the authority to bequeath salvation and life to us.

He has been given all power and authority in Heaven and the earth to impute the blessings of God to whoever He will.

Whoever the Son of God sets free is free indeed and whosoever lives and believes in Him has already passed from death unto life and is reconciled to God the Father.

©07/16/2001 Jim Welch

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