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Deliver us from evil

Oh Lord! Deliver us from evil and cause the power of Your goodness to prevail.

Brethren, believe this one thing; the goodness of God is able to overcome all evil and destroy the strongholds of the wicked.

Good will ultimately subdue and overcome all evil and goodness alone shall reign.

Each and everyone of God's virtues is able to defeat it's adversary in spiritual combat, the opposing power of darkness.

Love overcomes hate.

Peace conquers strife.

Joy defeats sadness.

Faith routs doubt.

Meekness inherits the earth.

Goodness prevails over evil.

Temperate subdues anger.

Life conquers death.

Jesus Christ defeats the kingdom of Satan.

The perfection of God replaces the imperfection of men. Amen.

©07/19/2001 Jim Welch

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