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Walk with God all the day long

Just rely on God when the going gets rough and continue to apply His precepts to your life all the day long.

Enlist God's help when faced with dire circumstances, for He is more than able to protect you from all harm.

The safest place for a lamb to be is right beside the shepherd because the forests are full of wolves ready to devour any sheep that go astray.

Walk with God all the day long.

The wicked use all manner of earthly enticements, lies and temptations to lure the sheep away from the Master, even claiming to be liberators from religious oppression.

Brethren, the wicked have one purpose, to destroy your life that they may satisfy an inner craving for depravity.

Brethren, God is not your enemy, the wicked are.

God is the dearest and best friend you can ever have.

©07/28/2001 Jim Welch

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