Abiding in Christ July 01 of Abiding in Christ

Listen to the still small Voice of God

Listen to the still small Voice of God daily and let His Voice be the lamp to guide you through the darkness.

Walk with God holding His Hand through life's perilous journey and let His Hand be your comfort in the time of need.

Talk with God and praise Him with a thankful heart offering up prayers of intercession for those who are without and let your life be a link between God and His lost sheep.

Dine with God and partake of fruits of His Spirit, of the bread of life and the cup of salvation and let His Love, Grace and Communion be sufficient for you.

Worship God in the spirit of humility and meekness offering your life as a living sacrifice on the altar of service and praise and let love, hope and faith be your stay.
©07/01/2001 Jim Welch

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