Abiding in Christ July 04 of Abiding in Christ

Our God is God, now and forever

The Realm of the Lord is infinite and of His Reign there will be no end.

Our God is God, now and forever.

He is the Source of all things and the Cause of all causes.

By Him all things were made and by Him all things continue to exist.

Of His Judgment no one can escape and of His Mercy no one can prevent.

All who He puts in positions of authority no one can remove and all who seek to promote themselves in His Kingdom by their own efforts and wills, will not succeed.

He holds the reins of all power in Heaven and earth in His Right Hand and no one is able to cause Him to loose His grip.

All who oppose Him will be utterly destroyed and all who stand with Him, He s able to defend.

Our God is God now and forever.

©07/04/2001 Jim Welch

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