Abiding in Christ July 21 of Abiding in Christ

Light and darkness cannot co-exist

In the Christian faith, God is everything all the time.

He is the beginning and the end and everything between.

Brethren, you can not be a part time Christian anymore than God can be a part time God.

Ye must be a full time Christian because God is God all the time.

He is a full time God.

Have you given part of your life to God or all of it?

Keep in mind, the part you hold back, Satan will stake a claim to it.

You cannot serve two masters, now sew a piece of new cloth into an old garment, not put new wine into old wine skins.

Neither can you mix evil with good, or combine pollution with cleanliness.

Brethren, light and darkness cannot co-exist.

Brethren, if you have been a part time Christian, may I urge you to give your whole life to Jesus Christ today.
©07/21/2001 Jim Welch

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