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A safe harbor in the time of storm

Into Thy Presence I will come, Oh Lord my God, and I will find a comfort and a solace there.

Your Presence is a safe harbor in the time of storm, a refuge from the turmoil's of my earthly life.

When I am defeated and discouraged and my life is filled with sadness and woe, in Thy Presence I find victory, hope and joy.

When my life becomes lonely and the number of friends becomes few and when I become an outcast from the fellowship of men, in Thy Presence I will find a constant Companion, a Faithful Friend and a source of infinite fellowship abounding in love.

Your Love, Grace and Communion is sufficient for me, Oh Lord my God and You are able to supply for all my needs by Your riches in glory.

You cause me to dwell in peace and safety all the days of my life, in Thee I can safely trust.

©06/06/2001 Jim Welch

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