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Gone to prepare for us
a Heavenly mansion

Great things, wonderful things, and marvelous things are in store for God's beloved children in His coming Kingdom.

Brethren, are you ready for that coming day of transformation, transfiguration, transubstantiation, transmigration and translation?

A day when we will be changed from weakness to power and might, dishonor to glory, corruption to incorruption, earthly to heavenly, children of man to children of God, sadness to joy everlasting.

There, we will become sons of the Living God forever and ever.
Brethren, are you ready?

Seeing what great things God has prepared for us;
we should consider it but a small thing to endure the brief moment of suffering and affliction we must endure while living in our temporary house of clay.

Jesus has gone to prepare for us a Heavenly mansion and we will soon reside there.

©06/16/2001 Jim Welch

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