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Let truth be the guiding light of your life

Let truth be the guiding light of your life and not the desire for self advancement.
Let honesty be your standard and not what is most profitable to you personally.

Be a God seeker and God fearing and not a self seeker and self exulting.

Be humble and pray and not proud and boastful.
Be thankful and gracious and not resentful, grumbling and complaining.

Be loving and peaceful and not bitter and fearful.
Be a light in the lives of others and a helping hand and not a herald of doom and gloom while being a thorn in the side and a hindrance to others.

Be short and concise in the words you speak and not long drawn out speeches that ramble on and on.

Do all things with faith and hope and not with doubt and pessimism.
Be optimistic.

©06/03/2001 Jim Welch

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