Abiding in Christ June 07 of Abiding in Christ

Hear the Voice of God

Hear the Voice of God when He speaks directly to you and do not turn a deaf ear to His utterances.

For His words are the words of life and they will strengthen you in the time of need.

Jesus said, " You have ears but you hear not, eyes and you see not."
Jesus said, " I have come that blind would see and the deaf hear."

Brethren, let Jesus renew your spirit and open your spiritual eyes and ears that you may directly commune with God and God with you.

There is no substitute for directly communing with God and walking in the spirit with His Spirit, hand in Hand continually in the perfect bond of Eternal and Everlasting Love.

All else may fail, but His Love will never fail.

©06/07/2001 Jim Welch

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