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My sheep will hear My Voice

From henceforth I will speak plainly, sayeth the Lord.

All my children will hear My Voice and they will come and all those who heareth not My Voice are not My children.

Jesus said, " My sheep will hear My Voice and they will come."

It is My Spirit that bears witness with your spirit that you are my children and I am known by all My children.

None of those who are not My children heareth My Voice, neither will they come.

Be not deceived brethren, either you are one of God's children or you are not one of God's children.

There is no in between.

Jesus taught us to first get alone with our Father before we pray, "Our Father who art in Heaven.."

If you know how to get alone with God and be aware of His Presence, then you are His child.

©03/08/2001 Jim Welch

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