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Return unto God who waits for you

Enter into the Precious Heavenly Father's Presence daily with a heart filled with love, instantly being renewed spiritually by a brief glimpse of His Countenance.

My eyes have seen the Glory of the Lord and my heart was satisfied.

Just a moment with Thee, Oh Lord and all my fears and discouragements do flee away like darkness from light.

Come unto Me sayeth the Lord and all your burdens will be lifted and replaced in an instant by My abounding Love, Joy, and Peace.

Come! Come! and again I say come unto the Lord our God and there find rest for your troubled souls.

In God and God alone can you find true peace, true love and true joy.

Return unto God who waits for you to come like a loving Mother who waits for a wayward child to return home.

©03/16/2001 Jim Welch

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