Abiding in Christ March 19 of Abiding in Christ

Reestablish your close bond with the Lord

Horrible things may befall those who turn their backs on the Lord.

It is not the Lord who brings bad things into their lives but because they have removed themselves from God's protection, they are left to the mercy of Satan.

Brethren, Satan is not merciful but seeks to destroy all things that are good.

Like a sheep who has wandered away from the shepherd the wolves will come running seeking to devour that little sheep.

Brethren,arise each day and reestablish your close bond with the Lord and never take His protection from evil for granted.

He does not force His will on your life, but there is another who will.

Submit yourselves daily unto the Father in Heaven and Satan will flee from you.

Satan fears God.

©03/19/2001 Jim Welch

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