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Anoint me afresh

Create in me a new heart, Oh Lord, and restore the joy of my salvation.

Thoroughly purge me of all my sins and renew a right spirit within me, Oh Lord, that I may walk Your pathway of righteousness.

Make all things new and help me to begin each day afresh with the spirit of vigor and zeal.

Help me, Oh Lord, to forget and forgive all things that are past and motivate me to press ever forward and onward with the work that You have given me to do.

Strengthen me, Oh Lord, with Your Spirit of power and might and instruct me by Your Spirit of wisdom and understanding that I may blaze a pathway, a road, an example for others to follow to Your Kingdom of Glory from earth's wilderness of sin.

Anoint me afresh with Your Spirit of Holiness.


©05/01/2001 Jim Welch

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